What To Do When He Is Lazy In Bed

Despite the fact that what happens between the sheets is just a fraction of what makes a fulfilling relationship, it is still a vital fraction. When your man is lazy in bed, you might think that the only alternatives you have are to bruise his ego, or for him to keep bruising your vagina. Below are tips on what to do when he is lazy in bed.

Do not just concentrate on the act, but take into account what happened leading to the act that might be hindering his performance. Maybe the sex is bad after he has had too much to drink, a long day at work, or when he has not slept well. When you know this, you will be able to make some adjustments.

Define what good sex is for you. Unless you know this, you will not be able to change from saying no to oh in the bedroom. Bodies react differently to varied sexual stimulation therefore it is vital to let your partner know what you like and listen to what his preferences are as well.

You should not start pointing fingers; you are in this together therefore, make it about the two of you and not a session of finger pointing where you jot down all his flaws. Chances are he has a complaint or two as well. All sex discussions need to be a two way street.

When it comes to talking about sex, you need to have this discussion in a neutral location so that you do not tie negative feelings to your home. Negative feelings are going to ruin good sex. Drive or go for a walk together and find a quiet place to talk.

You should not make it sound as though it is a sex lecture. Talk casually and periodically in the course of your relationship in order to recap and become closer. Recall things that you both did sexually and you found to be very exciting. This is the best way to open up about your preferences while keeping the ego of your loved one intact.

Do not fake it till you make it. If you are making up your orgasms, then your partner will think that they are doing good work and will keep doing it over and over. It is okay not to reach climax, especially when you are still getting to know each other. However, things should be as easy as saying this is what I like and this is what I do not. There is no need to make it complicated.

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