She is slaying it at London escorts

Marilyn is one of the hottest girls to have joined our London escorts service. She has perfect blond hair, blue eyes and long legs. Not to mention her 34 E totally natural boobs. There is little wonder that the gents are more or less standing in line to hook up with Marilyn. Her photos on our London escorts website are totally gorgeous. Despite being super sexy, she manages to give you the kind of impression she is the girl from next doors.

I have never been jealous of any of my colleagues at London escorts before, but Marilyn has really got me going. The thing is that you cannot get angry with her. It would be different if you could get angry with her, but you simply can’t. She has the most amazing personality as well, and the other day she had all of the girls from London escorts around for a tea party. As a take away present, she had baked us all little cakes and put them on little silver plates to take home. It was just sickening.

The fact is that Marilyn is picking up some of the top dates at our London escorts service. I am pretty sure that Marilyn is making thousands of pounds in tips every week. When we went around to her place on our day off from the London escorts agency, she showed us some of the things that she had received as gifts during her time with London escorts. Gents had not only bought her some top bling, but they had bought her things for her home as well. I could not believe this girl had antique furniture around.

What makes her so nice? First of all she got that really sickening sweet smiles that draws you in. She tilts her head to one side and seems to hang on every word that you say. I am not sure I would have the patience to do all of that, but when you watch her doing it, it seems like she has all of the time in the world, and you are the center of her world. I guess that all of the gents who meet her at cheap escorts in London get the same treatment.

She loves dinner dating, and can entertain an entire table. I have been on a couple of larger dinner dates with her, and I think that every gentleman around the table has only had eyes for her. It is like they are drawn to her like bees to a honey pot. Sure, I am doing well at London escorts but if I had what Marilyn has, I am sure that I would do a lot better than I am doing now. Still we cannot all be the same, that would be boring. But I am jealous of Marilyn, but I would not dream of upsetting her. She is just too nice to have as a girlfriend. I believe they call it the Marilyn Monroe syndrome. Lots of men wanted to be her lover, and ladies wanted to be her friend.

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