Making my life happier now

One of the great things in life is having someone that is always there for you. someone to help you in all your troubles in life. Someone that will never give up on you no matter what. Someone to make you feel better every time. I am happy that I found myself happy in my own space. I realised that being single too brings a lot of happiness. I thought it would be hard for me. I thought life would be different. I am so happy that finally I see myself good. My life becomes more meaningful and colourful when I start to choose happiness. I believed that choosing to be happy is one of the greatest things in life. According to black escorts of Choosing to make your life a little brighter is one way to make your life a lot better. Happiness is only our first choice. Always believe that things will get better soon. There are lots of things to make your life a lot happier. Many people think that they are more better being with their other half but the truth is they are just being patient in order to push the love they have to the person even if that means pain. Thankfully my job as a London escort helps me in all matters. I was happier with my life now than before. Being a London escort helps me believe that life is beautiful and took me too long to appreciate over it. I am so happy of the life that I have now, I am now the one who control with me and there is no one who can stop me from reaching my dreams. If there is one person I am thankful for it’s my ex-boyfriend maybe if not because of him I will never get this too far. All my life I thought I was weak and have nothing to reach in life. Until I have proven it to myself. I am tired of hearing again and again how weak I am. He keeps downing me from the things I liked the most. I am tired of how he made me feel. He beats me whenever he likes and it’s tearing me apart. One time I remember he was so drunk and I am trying myself to give him a great dinner since it was our anniversary but he gets angry when he gets home. He was drunk that night and performs sexual assaults with me. I got a lot of bruises in the morning. That is when I decided to cut all the connections I have with him. That is when the time I go on my own way that is should have done long way before.

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