London Escorts look at Ladies Men

What makes a ladies man? I wouldn’t exactly call my husband a ladies man, neither would my London escorts friends. To my London escorts friends, he is a bit too boring and more of a family man. It is quite true but I honestly don’t that I would have married him if he was a ladies man. I like being married to my husband because he is not a ladies man, and is kind of normal. But I have no complaints, he is a great husband and father. I think that I have met enough ladies men to last me a life time actually.

There are plenty of ladies men all over London say London escorts. You can often tell a lady’s man by the way he dresses. Most of them are very well turned out and have nice clean shirts with cufflinks. According to London escorts ladies men dress to impress and this is the first sign of a lady’s man. Interestingly not all ladies men wear ties – they like to leave a little opening at the bottom of their throat to show off a bit of chest hair. They are more discreet about this than medallion man who likes to show off all of his chest including his medallion.

How else can you spot a ladies man? When it comes to ordering wine, they like to make a complete ritual out of it according to London escorts. One of the London escorts that I know said that she recently had a date with what she would call a ladies man, and it took him 20 minutes to order the wine. She said when the wine finally arrived, she was in need of a drink and finished the first glass within a couple of minutes. Perhaps it is not such a good idea to let a ladies man order the wine.

Ladies men are also very attentive. They like to open car doors and treat you like a lady says London escorts. I have never known my husband to open a car door for me, but I have always got a “It is open,babe.” My husband would certainly not qualify when it comes to be very attentive and most of the time I have to top up my own glass. Perhaps it would be nice to go out on a date with cheap and attractive London escorts and be treated a bit differently sometimes.

We may call them ladies men, gigolos or whatever – but sometimes it is nice with a bit of extra special treatment. It is nice when a door is open for you and a bit of extra care is taken when choosing wine, but is it genuine? I am sure that there are plenty of men out there who likes to wine and dine ladies, but it is only nice when it comes from the heart. If somebody is doing just to put on airs and graces, it is less nice. I still think that I prefer my husband who can order a wine in five minutes and always forgets to pull out the chair.

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