Investments for Women

Are women interested in investments? I never really thought that women were interested in investments, but then I started to talk to some of the girls I date at Richmond escorts. One of the girls from Richmond escorts, seemed to be very savvy when it came to investments, and had actually done rather well for herself. Like everything else, women look at investments in a different way. They may not be interested in standard investments, but there are other things they are interested in.

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Sara, my hot booty call at Richmond escorts, told me that she loved to save money for the future, and that is how she looked at investments. But stuff like shares and future markets just bored her so she avoided those. She thought that she had done the right thing by buying her own apartment, and I did agree with her that it was a smart thing to do. After that, she had started to pay into a pension scheme, and also use her ISA allowance every year.

But really she thought that her pension scheme and her ISA allowance was kind of boring, and she could not get her head around the rest of the investment markets. I really don’t get time to study the stock market during my working day at Richmond escorts, she told me with a little giggle. I could see the point, unless you understand the stock market, you should not really dabble in it as it can turn out the be an expensive mistake. I have invested money on the stock market, but to be honest, I have not always got it right. Financial trends can be boring and I am not sure that we should all be playing around with the stock market. I rather think it has a habit of playing around with us instead.

Sara said that she really liked jewelery, and to my surprise, she was up to date on how you worked out the value of gold, and where you could buy gold in London. It turned out, that Sara saved some of her money from Richmond escorts every month, and went gold shopping a couple of times per year. Like she said, you can get some great deals just by going to the right dealer in Covent Garden, and it seemed that Sara had her favorite Jewish guy already lined up.

We chatted for a while about gold, and Sara told me that she was planning to expand as she called it. A gent who she had met at Richmond escorts, had given her a rather nice diamond ring and she was now considering investing in precious stones as well. Once again, I was a bit surprised at her savvy, but it turned out that she was indeed keen to learn about diamonds and other precious stones. We often think of women as a bit silly when it comes to investments, but in fact, many ladies that I have met, are a lot savvier than we give them credit for.

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