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SomeĀ Eve escorts call them a tit wank but I don’t like the sound of that so I can them a boob job. I have been dating rather a lot recently and I have noticed penetration is going out of fashion in London. So much that many of the guys I have been dating say that they are not into it at all, and they prefer things like a hand job or what I call a boob job. Some of my most recent dates say that I give the best boob job in London.

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Giving a good boob job is not that difficult and I must admit that it a good boob job can turn me on as well. I am not sure how my colleagues at London escorts do their boob jobs but I have this feeling that they are not as good at giving boobs jobs as I am to be fair. My boob jobs are out of this world, and I make sure the experience is not one of things a guy will forget about in a hurry, and he may even want to come back for more when he really has enjoyed it.

It helps if you have big boobs when you give a boob job. Of course, it is a good idea to keep your bust nice and firm as well. I have found some pretty good creams that I use to keep my boobs in tip top condition for my boob jobs. Some girls at London escorts have gone in for breast enhancements but since I have been looking after my two best friends, I have not had to do that at all. I love rubbing lotions and potions on my boobs, it makes me feel really sexy.

Some girls who don’t have naturally big boobs, should really think twice before they go ahead and have
breast implants. Not a ll breast implants look natural and I hate to say, the girls just end up looking fake. None of the gentlemen that I date at London escorts appreciate girls with fake boobs, and I think that you are much better to leave your chest small if you have not been endowed with a large chest like myself. Looking unnatural is the last thing that you want to do when you are on a date, it can be a complete turn off.

I also have very sensitive nipples, and when I give one of my special boob jobs to my dates, I get them to play with my nipples in turns me on like mad, and I just end up screaming with passion. Mind you, I am not the only girl at London escorts with sensitive nipples. I know that at least a couple of the girls at the London escort agency that I work for in central London have sensitive boobs, and them seem to have slight nipple and boob fetishes as well. The thing, you never know when you will meet a girl who has got a complete boob fetish.

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